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Born in Gainesville, Florida (U.S.A.), during the Summer of Love, Scott M. Marshall graduated high school in 1985--the same high school Tom Petty restlessly roamed in the 1960s. After many moons, Marshall captured an elusive college degree in 1997 (B.S., Counseling Skills) and journeyed on to graduate school where he managed to collect another degree in 2002 (M.A., Journalism). 

Along the way, he held posts as a carpenter's gofer, lawn-mower, pizza delivery driver, custodian, teen group home leader, cashier, and Meals on Wheels driver.

Providentially, he backed into the field of teaching--and has taught 16 years of college (both at private and public institutions), mainly introductory communication courses, journalism, and public speaking.

His second book--Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life--finally saw the light of published day in May 2017. Though taken seriously by an imprint of Simon & Schuster and later by an agent who pitched it to the biggie Christian publishers, the manuscript endured over a dozen rejections between 2004 and 2015. Would-be authors, take heart: Do not give up or lose hope on those labors of love--even if the wages per hour amount to pure comedy.

Marshall currently teaches at the University of North Georgia. He moves, lives, and has his being in the red clay and rolling foothills of northeast Georgia with the love of his life--his wife Amy, a formidable therapist fighting the good fight. His original family--dad, mom, and two sisters, Southerners all--can be found in Alabama, Florida, and North Carolina. His in-laws, a mighty fine couple--and Northerners--reside in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. (Author intrusion: Thank you, dad and mom, for all your love and support throughout the decades.)